Saturday, September 4, 2010

My First event - Kids LunchBox Treats

Dear bloggers,

Welcome to the very first event "LunchBox Treats" Event on TasteBuds.Though I've been blogging for a while now, I'd never thought of  hosting an event. But after reading the wonderful events on various blogs, I'm tempted to host one of my own. I look forward to the support & encouragement from my fellow bloggers.

A little about the event....
It's the beginning of a new academic year & together with keeping track of the child's daily school & homework, mothers are also anxious to make sure that their children eat healthy meals.
How many times have has ur child brought back lunch from school....quite often, rite?
It's always a challenge to decide what to pack in ur child's lunchbox....knowing that it has to be yummy & nutritious at the same time.
Let's try to whip-up some new & innovative lunchbox recipes that the kids will enjoy ...

Guidelines for this event:

1) Publish vegetarian recipes on ur blog...Only cooked recipes (PLEASE no cheese & crackers, fresh fruit or anything that's not cooked). You can also send entries that have been posted on ur blog before Sep'10
2) Link the event announcement page to your post & Please use the Logo.
3)Send ur entries to with ur name, name & URL of ur recipe & picture of the dish.
4) Multiple entries are welcome
5) The last date to send in ur entries would be 31st Oct 2010

Looking forward to see delicious & innovative recipes from all bloggers.


  1. Hy Smita,

    Thanx for stopping by...Awesome space you have..loved your interesting kids event..will be sending my entries soon..!

    Hope you would be interested to participate in paneer event in my space...!

    happy blogging n keep smiling,

  2. Thanks Jay...thanks for the encouraging words..I look forward to seeing your entries for the event.

    I have already sent some entries for ur Letz Relishh..Paneer Event(palak paneer, paneer tikka & a few more)

    Happy Blogging

  3. nice event dear..u can count me in ur event..

  4. hi smita,is egg allowed in this event..

  5. Very nice event, will try to send some too, happy hosting :-)

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog...look forward to ur participation in my event

  7. hii first time here...happy hosting....shal send my entry soon..


  8. Thanks Lavanya...look forward to ur participation.

  9. Hey, first time here...why the discrimination against raw foods? Just because you put something on the gas or oven does not mean a)you're a cook and b)a symbol of love for your kid. Obviously, no one is blogging about how they cut a piece of apple for their kid, but there is SOOO much variety you can add by not cooking salads. Arent they MUCH healthier for your kids?

    Sorry if this seems rude. My intention was good.

  10. No problem Zen...everybody can share their views...Everybody sends fresh fruit, baby carrots, crackers & cheese for kids...I just wanted this event to bring out all other kinds of healthy meals moms would prepare for their kids...


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