Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Special - Strawberry Layer Cake


1 box strawberry flavoured cake mix
1 pkt strawberry flavoured gelatin mix
1 tub whipped cream


Prepare & bake strawberry cake as per instructions on the box. Cool completely. Slice horizontally into 2 layers.

Prepare gelatin as per instructions on the packet. Refrigerate till half set. Dont set completely.

Spread the half of the half set jelly on the first layer of the cake. Spread half the whipped cream on the layer of jelly.

Repeat the layers. Top with whipped cream.

Decorate with sliced strawberries or frosting.
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  1. the cake looks delectable !! have a great 2011 !1

  2. Thanks Priya & Veggie Hut...Have a wonderful 2011

  3. That looks really nice..perfect cake for the perfect occasion


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