Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chole - Bhature



1 cup maida

1/2 cup wheat flour (atta)

salt to taste

1/2 cup plain yoghurt

water (if required)

oil for deep frying


Mix the maida & wheat flour together. Add salt to taste. Knead into a dough using yoghurt & water(if required). Let the dough stay covered for 4-5 hrs.

Make balls & roll into pooris. Deep fry in hot oil.

Serve with chole.


1 cup white channa
2 big onions
1 tomato(cut into big pieces)
1 tsp coriander-cumin powder
1 tsp pepper
4-5 cloves garlic
1" piece ginger
3-4 green chilles
1 tsp channa masala
1 tsp garam masala
small bunch of finely chopped coriander leaves & onion rings to garnish

Soak channa overnite. Next morning pressure cook with salt till done.
Grind together onions, ginger, garlic & green chillies. Saute in oil till brown. Add spices & mix well. Add tomato & saute for a few mins. Add cooked channa. Mix well to coat channa with spices. Turn off heat.
Serve garnished with coriander leaves & onion rings.

Entry for "Global Kadai" event on Sandhya's blog
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