Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mampazha - Vellarikka pulissery ( Ripe mango & cucumber in a yoghurt & coconut paste base)

Nutritional Value: Yoghurt/Curd/Dahi is a wholesome food rich in protein and riboflavin. The versatility of yoghurt or curd in cooking is amazing. It can be used in desserts, dips, breads, soups, rice, salads, and vegetable dishes.

1 ripe mango
1 small yellow cucumber (Sambhar Vellarika)
1 cup grated coconut

3-4 green chillies

1 cup curd(plain yoghurt)

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

salt to taste


1 tbsp oil

1tsp mustard

3-4 dry red chillies

Peel mango & cucumber & cut into medium sized pieces. cook them in a pressure cooker with turmeric powder.

Grind grated coconut & green chillies to a fine paste. Beat yoghurt till smooth & add to it the coconut paste. Add this to the cooked mango & cucumber. Cook on simmer till the mixture gets frothy/bubbly. Turn off heat.

To season, heat oil in a pan. Add mustard & wait till it splutters. Add dry red chillies & curry leaves & fry for a min. Season the gravy with this fried mixture.

Serve hot with rice.

Entry for "Side Dishes from India" Event from Suma's VeggiePlatter
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  1. Pulissery looks so colorful and the combination of mango - cucumber is very novel to me.
    BTW, Is there any reason to cook the ripe mango?

  2. Suma,
    Cooking the mango helps it break down & blend well with the gravy


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