Thursday, November 11, 2010

"LunchBox Treats" RoundUp

Dear Bloggers,
Here's the roundup of my very first event "LunchBox Treats". I would like to Thank All of You for helping me host this event by sending in ur wonderful entries.

Hope you will continue to support me in future events. I also look forward to participation from bloggers who have not participated in this event. Hope to get more wonderful entries & support from all of you.
The roundup has been posted in the order I recieved the entries. Hopefully I have not missed anyone. If somebdy's entry has been missed, pls let me know.

*Pavani's Food Lovers

Mixed Vegetable Noodle Rolls
Carrot & courgette muffins

*Swati's Banana Orange Walnut Bread from Zesty SouthIndian Kitchen

*Lavanya's Tomato Basil Pasta from Veggie Delight's

*Satyasree's Super Yummy Recipes

Enticing Ghugni with Spinach Puri

Batata Nu Shaak with Doodhi Thepla

Satpuro Phulko with Black Chickpeas curry

*Gayathri's Kara Paniyaram from Gayathri's Cookspot

*Chitra's Cabbage Sandwich from Chitranna

*Aparna's Veggie Cheese Kiddie Pasta from Apy Cooking

* From my TasteBuds

Vegetable Paratha
Veggie-Cheesy Macaroni


  1. Cool roundup! please note, it is 'Apy Cooking! and not 'Apy's Kitchen'.

  2. Sorry abt tht Aparna...i've made the change...

  3. wonderful roundup with so many amazing n tempting recipes..

  4. Nice round up....lots to learn from this..thanks for the event...


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