Thursday, November 11, 2010

"LunchBox Treats" RoundUp

Dear Bloggers,
Here's the roundup of my very first event "LunchBox Treats". I would like to Thank All of You for helping me host this event by sending in ur wonderful entries.

Hope you will continue to support me in future events. I also look forward to participation from bloggers who have not participated in this event. Hope to get more wonderful entries & support from all of you.
The roundup has been posted in the order I recieved the entries. Hopefully I have not missed anyone. If somebdy's entry has been missed, pls let me know.

*Pavani's Food Lovers

Mixed Vegetable Noodle Rolls
Carrot & courgette muffins

*Swati's Banana Orange Walnut Bread from Zesty SouthIndian Kitchen

*Lavanya's Tomato Basil Pasta from Veggie Delight's

*Satyasree's Super Yummy Recipes

Enticing Ghugni with Spinach Puri

Batata Nu Shaak with Doodhi Thepla

Satpuro Phulko with Black Chickpeas curry

*Gayathri's Kara Paniyaram from Gayathri's Cookspot

*Chitra's Cabbage Sandwich from Chitranna

*Aparna's Veggie Cheese Kiddie Pasta from Apy Cooking

* From my TasteBuds

Vegetable Paratha
Veggie-Cheesy Macaroni

How do you like it?


  1. Cool roundup! please note, it is 'Apy Cooking! and not 'Apy's Kitchen'.

  2. Sorry abt tht Aparna...i've made the change...

  3. wonderful roundup with so many amazing n tempting recipes..

  4. Nice round up....lots to learn from this..thanks for the event...


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