Saturday, September 13, 2008

Onam Special - Semiya Payasam

എല്ലാവര്ക്കും എന്റെ ഓണാശംസകള്‍


2-3 tbsp of semiya

1 litre of milk

1/4 cup of sugar

1/2 cup condensed milk (optional)

2 tsp ghee

a handful of raisins & cashews


Heat some ghee in a pan & roast the semiya till golden brown.

Boil milk in a thick bottom vessel. When the milk begins to boil,reduce the heat & add the semiya to it.

Cook on low heat stirring constantly till the colour of the milk changes & the quantity of the milk reduces.

Add condensed milk(if required). I have not added condensed milk, but adding it can enhance the taste of the payasam.

Add sugar to taste & stir till it dissolves.

Turn off heat.

Garnish with cashews & raisins fried in ghee.

Serve hot/cold. 

This recipe is a part of "Celebrate Sweets - Kheer" Event on Ayeesha's 'Taste of Pearl City' & Niveditha's Kitchen 

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