Monday, March 24, 2008

Ada Dosa ( Rice & Mixed Dal Dosa )

Nutritional Value: Lentils/Dal are high in protein and fiber.Dal is fat free and nature has designed it to absorb various combinations of seasonings and spices. There are innumerable variations of the simple seasoning and one can create their own individual taste.


1 cup rice

3/4 cup mix of(whole moong/green dal, masoor/orange dal, urad dal) dal
4-5 dry red chillies
4-5 curry leaves

1/2 tsp asafoetida (kayam/hing)

1/4 cup grated coconut

salt to taste


Soak rice & mixed dals separately for 4-5 hrs.

Grind rice first & then grind dal together to a slightly coarse paste. Add grated coconut,red chilli & curry leaves & grind coarsely.

Pour the thick batter into a bowl & add required water to make to a pouring consistency.

Add asafoetida & salt to taste.



Heat a griddle. Pour a ladle full of batter & spread with the back of ladle.

Pour 1/2 tsp of oil. Cook on medium heat till crisp on on side.

Flip to other side & cook for 2-3 mins.

Remove from griddle with a spatula &

Serve hot with onion chutney/jaggery.

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